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The arcade allows all active members to enjoy the many games within. We have many games to choose from and if you do not see one you like, let us know and we will see if we can add one. You can also partake in an Arcade Game Tournament!


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Video of the week added!

I have added a block showing a video and that plays while surfing CP.
If you would like to request a video group/song feel free to reply here and I will see what I can add.
You can go to and see if you find one you like.
Also, if you have issue with it, let us know and will see if we can modify it.

by CP, Saturday, 28 January 2006 13:18 [ Read all ]
Vista x64 to require digital signatures for many drivers

With little fanfare, Microsoft just announced that the xX64 version of Windows Vista will require all kernel-mode code to be digitally signed. This is very different than the current WHQL program, where the user ultimately decides how they want to handle unsigned drivers.

Vista driver developers must obtain a Publisher Identity Certificate (PIC) from Microsoft. Microsoft says they won't charge for it, but they require that you have a Class 3 Commercial Software Publisher Certificate from Verisign. This costs $500 per year, and as the name implies, is only available to commercial entities.

Also, drivers must be signed for devices that stream protected content. This includes audio drivers that use Protected User Mode Audio (PUMA) and Protected Audio Path (PAP), and video device drivers that handle protected video path-output protection management (PVP-OPM) commands.

CP, Monday, 23 January 2006 19:37 Comments(0), Read all
China Says Yes to Linux, No to Open-Source Middleware

January 9, 2006
Although Linux is catching on rapidly in China, don't expect to see open-source application software taking off in the country any time soon, said an analyst familiar with the Chinese IT market.

Huang Yong, chief executive at CCID Consulting Co. Ltd., a Beijing-based market research and consulting firm, said that despite the "profound impact" Linux is having in China, Chinese enterprises are not likely to adopt open-source middleware as the IT industry continues to mature.

In addition to his views on open source in China, Huang said he sees China eventually taking a leadership position in the IT market, and discussed a variety of issues including China's contribution to the worldwide IT industry, the key to doing business in China and the indigenous software market.

"At present, no Chinese software company has open-sourced code, particularly in application software," Huang ...

by CP, Wednesday, 11 January 2006 19:14 Comments(0), Read all
South Korea fines Microsoft $32 million

Wednesday, December 7, 2005 Antitrust agency accuses company of unfair trade practices

South Korean antitrust regulators Wednesday ruled that Microsoft Corp. abused its market dominance, fined it 33 billion won ($32 million) and ordered the software giant to offer alternative versions of Windows.

A Microsoft spokesman said the company would appeal the decision in court.

"The Korea Fair Trade Commission found such tying practices liable because they constitute abuse of market dominant position and unfair trade practices under monopoly regulations and the Fair Trade Act," Kang Chul-kyu, the commission's chairman, told reporters.

The ruling comes after the U.S. software giant reached separate settlements with companies that then withdrew the complaints that led to the investigation.

The companies had complained that Microsoft violated trade rules by tying its instant messenger software t ...

by CP, Wednesday, 07 December 2005 07:11 Comments(0), Read all
UPDATE: Intel's Rebranding Secrets Revelead!

Word on the Internet says Intel is planning a major rebranding process. As stated in yesterday's news, pictures with Intel's new logo and brand names were posted on a French fan site. Intel declined any comments.

Allthough Samuel Demeulemeester was nice enough to send us the photos with the new Intel logos, when asked by Softpedia about why they were taken down from his site claiming that his dog ate them, he said “I don't want to comment on that, but nothing related with Intel.”

It hard to believe that Intel wasn’t involved in this, but as more and more sites began spreading the news, including a screen capture of the logos, Intel probably started to see it as advertising.

As we said yesterday, the French Intel fan site actually found the pictures on Intel's site. They show Intel's new logo and also the future names of the present codenamed processors. For short, the former code named ...

by CP, Sunday, 20 November 2005 16:21 Comments(0), Read all

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